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April 15, 2014

A.J. Eagle

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Last week, on April 4th, 2014 my school had a play called Blackbeard The Pirate.
I was sailor#8. Being a sailor was exciting! I had to run frightfully from the pirates. I had to speak to Lt. Maynard a lot. Lt. Maynard was captain of the crew.
The classmates I worked with were Sahara, Silkence, Merissa, Solomon, Jorja,and Randy.
We all wore uniforms with red and white striped shirts, blue jackets, grey leather pants and red and blue sailor hats. We also had red scarfs to tie the shirt up. My costume was steaming hot.
My brother was Greybeard,the pirate and my sister was another pirate named Bluebeard.
I was so happy to see my mom and dad in the audience. After the play everybody kept on saying I was so funny.
The directors were Jennifer and Jeremy, they were awesome directors. I have so much to say about them.
Jeremy was very silly.He was mimicking whatever Jennifer said.It was very funny and made us laugh. Sometimes Jennifer did the same. Both of them were very good at teaching us what to do in the play.
I hope they come back next year.

February 18, 2014

My Incredible Journey

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One Morning Lorren and I got really bored. So I called my agent to bring Lorren and I my private jet so we can go to Game Island. My jet is extremely massive.

We were heading towards Game Island but then the engine crashed. The plane rumbled into the ocean. Sharks were heading towards us. I got on a peace of metal I saw Lorren he was alright. Then a shark almost got my foot CHOMP.

I had to do something then I just remembered I had my phone in my back pocket. So I called my yacht to come my other agents said ‘ok we’ll be right there’ Then a shark ate my phone.
After a while my yacht finnaly found us. Me an Lorren and some agents hopped on the boat and headed strait for Game Island.

When we arrived at Game Island the whole Island was trashed. Aliens had slobbered on everything and Lorren and I had a plan to get them back.

When we arrived I told Lorren to distract them and I went in to the middle of the building and put down a melt machine 2000. All the aliens melted and me and Lorren made game systems out of alien stuff.

Then Lorren and Jacob never saw an alien again.

February 18, 2014

My Social Studies Project

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For my social studies I am doing Vikings. It is due on February 11th. My mom helped me build my Viking helmet and clothes. My mom helped me with my project a lot. My brother was doing London England. He made crumpets. My sister was doing Mesopotamia. My grandma helped Justin and Charlize with their Project. The Food that everybody brang to school was so good! That’s all about my socials project.

February 11, 2014

The Salmon Eggs

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Salmon live in nests called redds. They also have to be in cold water. They need air or they’ll DIE! Salmon breath because they have gills. Salmon’s prey are krill and plankton. Salmon’s predator’s are Bears and people.

December 12, 2013

My A.J. Eagle

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This Christmas Mom, Justin, Johnny, and I got our Christmas tree. Justin and Johnny said that a bird lead them to the Christmas tree. When we got home Justin put up the tree. Then Johnny went home. Mom went out, so I got to sleep in the living room while Justin an Charlize were putting up lights on the Christmas tree. Then they started fighting and that’s what happened when we got our Christmas tree.

December 12, 2013

Minecraft Story For You!

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Once there were two guys Finn and Luke. They were sitting on a rock. They saw a portal they wanted to see if it was safe so they through a dummy in the portal. Nothing happened so they went through the portal.

They landed on a cube thing. Then they knew they were in MINECRAFT. So they saw a village and asked a villager
“Can you help us?”
The villager said “Why? I’m grumpy.
“We said “Well were in Minecraft.”
“What?” said the villager.
“We’re in Minecraft?” I said.
The villager said “What’s Minecraft?”
I said “Just help us.”
He said, “I’m grumpy.”

Then we saw Steve the main guy. We asked him if he could help he said, “ok fallow me.”
I said, “Where are we going?”
Steve said, “To my house”. Two hours later we came to his house. He was going to give us armor so we could survive the night.

Then we went in a cave it was dark and you could hear the bats squirming through the cave. Then Steve put down the torch and gave us some we came to some lava. Zombie pigmen were floating in the lava. We jumped on their heads to the other side me and Luke stayed on the dark side. We heard something it sounded like MONSTERS. “ATTACK!” I said while fighting a zombie pigmen. Steve got all the diamonds. We made a diamond pickaxe. Steve broke a block. Water came poring on the lava. It made obsidian. Me and Luke were still fighting.
Steve broke all the blocks of obsidian. Then he made a portal Steve asked if he could come with us we said sure. We all hopped in the portal. When we got home Steve was confused because there were no Monsters. Steve asked Luke if it was on peaceful.
Luke said no its a normal world.

That’s all my story I hope you leave a comment.

December 11, 2013

My Science Project

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This is my Science Project. My Science project is about a mining truck. It has a wedge on the front, five wheel and axles,  and more I think.  Please leave a comment.

November 29, 2013

My Read Aloud

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I am reading 39 clues. But I don’t really know whats going on because I have not read the whole thing.

I am working on back up and reread Because if I get stuck on a word I just back up and reread and it works. What books do you read?

I think I was good at Expression.

November 28, 2013

All About Meeeee

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My name is Jacob.
I love Lego So much.I have been playing Lego since I was about 5.
I also really like to play on my Xbox 360.
My hair color is Brown. My favorite color is Green.
My favorite anamial is a dog. My favorite show is Adventure Time.
I love Lego Star Wars. Do you know what Lego is?
Do you know what Star Wars is?

November 28, 2013

Remembrance Day

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Remembrance Day

Is when maybe some of your family goes to war.

They fight with massive guns.

Men lie down underground dead in a field called Flanders field

 The men in war chose the poppy because poppies grew in Flanders field. Did you ever think why soilder’s like poppies so much? Well thats all I know about war bye.

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