The Best Two Weeks Ever

My mom and dad went to Saskatchewan so me and my brother and sister are staying on Malcolm Island.On the first day my Grandma came to my house and looked after us. Now I’m at school and I’m going to my cousin Kezra’s house after school for three days or something. And then I go to Dante’s house for May long weekend. After that I go back to Kezra’s house. Its gonna be really fun. Thanks for reading my post and please leave a comment.

My Reading

In this video I read a book called the Lightning Thief with Percy Jackson. It’s about a kid named Percy Jackson. I’m not even half way through the book but I’ll tell you what’s going on. There’s this annoying girl named Nancy Bobifit and she stepped in front of Percy. Percy pushed her into a fountain and he went to distension. That’s were I am so far. So hope you like the video.

Did you notice my expression and my chunking? I had to watch my old video and see what I improved.


I have baseball on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I can’t wait to play with people in the bleachers and a real baseball game. My brother is awesome at baseball! He’s a good pitcher, he’s also good at sliding to bases and at catching. Definitely batting too! I’m good at batting, catching, but not sliding to bases. I’m trying to get better.

My Mom’s Brothers

A couple weeks ago my uncles came with there friend Adrian to my house. My uncles’ names were Richard and D.J. My Uncle Richard played PS3 with me while Justin, my brother, played with uncle D.J. on the Xbox 360. My Uncle Richard gave me cheats to a game I was playing. I could spawn a police helicopter, FBI car,or tourism a type of car.
My uncles were awesome so was Adrian.

StarWars Post

Today, April 25,I was watching TV and it said that May 4th, 2014 is Starwars Day. And on May 4th new Lego Starwars shows are coming out. Do you know what you are going to do on Starwars day? Do you have Lego Starwars or Starwars action figures? Starwars is one of the best series of movies made! Ever! Do you know what Starwars is? That’s all I want to say about Starwars. Please leave a comment. May the 4th be with you.

A.J. Eagle

Last week, on April 4th, 2014 my school had a play called Blackbeard The Pirate.
I was sailor#8. Being a sailor was exciting! I had to run frightfully from the pirates. I had to speak to Lt. Maynard a lot. Lt. Maynard was captain of the crew.
The classmates I worked with were Sahara, Silkence, Merissa, Solomon, Jorja,and Randy.
We all wore uniforms with red and white striped shirts, blue jackets, grey leather pants and red and blue sailor hats. We also had red scarfs to tie the shirt up. My costume was steaming hot.
My brother was Greybeard,the pirate and my sister was another pirate named Bluebeard.
I was so happy to see my mom and dad in the audience. After the play everybody kept on saying I was so funny.
The directors were Jennifer and Jeremy, they were awesome directors. I have so much to say about them.
Jeremy was very silly.He was mimicking whatever Jennifer said.It was very funny and made us laugh. Sometimes Jennifer did the same. Both of them were very good at teaching us what to do in the play.
I hope they come back next year.

My Incredible Journey

One Morning Lorren and I got really bored. So I called my agent to bring Lorren and I my private jet so we can go to Game Island. My jet is extremely massive.

We were heading towards Game Island but then the engine crashed. The plane rumbled into the ocean. Sharks were heading towards us. I got on a peace of metal I saw Lorren he was alright. Then a shark almost got my foot CHOMP.

I had to do something then I just remembered I had my phone in my back pocket. So I called my yacht to come my other agents said ‘ok we’ll be right there’ Then a shark ate my phone.
After a while my yacht finnaly found us. Me an Lorren and some agents hopped on the boat and headed strait for Game Island.

When we arrived at Game Island the whole Island was trashed. Aliens had slobbered on everything and Lorren and I had a plan to get them back.

When we arrived I told Lorren to distract them and I went in to the middle of the building and put down a melt machine 2000. All the aliens melted and me and Lorren made game systems out of alien stuff.

Then Lorren and Jacob never saw an alien again.

My Social Studies Project

For my social studies I am doing Vikings. It is due on February 11th. My mom helped me build my Viking helmet and clothes. My mom helped me with my project a lot. My brother was doing London England. He made crumpets. My sister was doing Mesopotamia. My grandma helped Justin and Charlize with their Project. The Food that everybody brang to school was so good! That’s all about my socials project.

My A.J. Eagle

This Christmas Mom, Justin, Johnny, and I got our Christmas tree. Justin and Johnny said that a bird lead them to the Christmas tree. When we got home Justin put up the tree. Then Johnny went home. Mom went out, so I got to sleep in the living room while Justin an Charlize were putting up lights on the Christmas tree. Then they started fighting and that’s what happened when we got our Christmas tree.